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Averaging more production and more advanced industry education than other agents, RE/MAX Associates are truly “The Real Estate Leaders”® in quality customer service.

Why Use RE/MAX?

A professional Real Estate agent saves you time and money, true. But why choose a RE/MAX agent when there are so many others to select from? RE/MAX Sales Associates lead the industry in experience and education – and above all results! Out of 120,000 Sale Associates in the RE/MAX Network, Eva Grijalva was named in the TOP 100 Sales Associates in 2006. What an achievement!

The proof of quality service is in repeat customers and in customers who refer RE/MAX to their friends & family. RE/MAX agents average 70 percent of their business from repeats and referrals, while other agents average about 30 percent from those sources.

“That’s why no one in the world sells more Real Estate than RE/MAX”

RE/MAX International your home on the internet to millions of potential buyers worldwide.    Our exclusive online email service actually directly e-mails buyers thru an automatic email campaign to provide listings to buyers who are looking for a home just like yours.

Our RE/MAX state-of-the-art intranet, instantly delivers information about your home to thousands of other RE/MAX associates in our network who are working with pre-approved buyers right now. No one can help you find the right buyer faster.

Why Choose Eva Grijalva?

Where most Real Estate services end, our team marketing system is just beginning.

We go beyond basic services, we take your needs seriously & we customize a plan and draw on a wide array of unique resources & service alliances to get the result you’ll come to expect when working with us. We pull from a vast pool of resources that only our team can offer. Be sure to take advantage of our many other exclusive services that include an in-house escrow company for convenience, a state-of-the-art title team, property disclosure services, traveling notary services, the best Lenders in the business and so much more. We couldn’t possibly tell you all of our secrets but we’d love to talk to you & even meet you in person & see your home or review the criteria of the home of your dreams
– AND “We will even find it for you”

Call us!
You’ll be Glad You Did!

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